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Cybersecurity is an art, bringing together the right resources and solutions to protect your networks, devices and data from unauthorized users and malicious attacks. When done right, it can protect critical systems and sensitive information from ever-evolving and continuous threats. 
Webmethod is your security partner. We artfully bring together our experience, best practices and determination, along with a variety of solutions, to help build a secure custom identity and access governance program that will meet your business objectives and defend your organization from unwanted cyberattacks.

Identity And Access Management (IAM)

No matter how simple or complex your environment may be, our expert IAM strategists will closely work with you to develop a strategy and future-state roadmap that will help build or enhance your IAM program.
Our team will ensure you have a modern program in place to align with your risk and compliance requirements, while allowing for future growth. 
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With the right solution in place, you’ll be able to meet your security and compliance goals and provide your team with:
Secure data and assets
Improved user experiences
Enhanced Service Desk Support

Identity Governance

Our WebMethod team will partner with you to identify key stakeholders such as data protectors, application teams and compliance resources to gain a better understanding of what will be needed to enhance your IAM program and meet your corporate security goals.
Then we’ll use the information, along with the Webmethod team’s knowledge and expertise, to help build you a solution to address all your risk, governance, and compliance concerns.
Whether it’s about enabling automation to provision and de-provision users efficiently with access workflows or formatting and implementing policies, functions and entitlements for access recertification, our experts will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Privileged Access Management

Organizations face many challenges protecting, controlling and monitoring access for their employees, contractors and other users as their IT infrastructure grows and becomes more complex. Their vulnerability to unwanted intrusions and cyberattacks increases, which can ultimately lead to costly data breaches. 
To help mitigate risks and reduce your chance of an unwanted attacks, Webmethod can help you create and execute the right Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution for your organization.
Eliminate irreversible network takeover attacks
Control and secure infrastructure accounts
Limit lateral movement
Protect credentials for third-party applications
Secure SaaS admins and privileged business users
When you have the right PAM solution in place, you will become more efficient, effective and secure to support your growth and lower costs. Allowing you to give the right people, the right access, at the right time.

Quick Start

The QuickStart program was designed for the medium sized organization with less than 30k employees.
This specialized program sets you up with the fundamentals of identity and access management quickly, often within 6 weeks, so that your security concerns are covered.
Contact us today to learn if your organization would be a good fit for our Quick Start solution.

Security Assessments

Conducting a thorough security assessment of your current state environment is the first step in building a solid security solution to meet your organization’s goals in the most cost-effective way.
Webmethod will work with you by identifying key areas to be included in the assessment. The assessment begins with a review of your current technical environment architecture and business processes.
Understanding your current state is vital in developing a structured future state roadmap that will align with your organization’s goals and provide value using proven industry best practices, processes, and standards.
Process and Procedures
Roadmap and Maturity Model

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