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Kim French |
Managing Partner & CEO

Kimberly French is the Managing Partner and CEO at WebMethod, LLC. She is passionate about business transformation and change management. She is committed to bringing humanity into the conversation of business success.

Kim uses her ability to intuitively lead and mentor others in a complex business environment. She believes in taking extra time and care to know and understand the strengths of each individual on her team. She leads by example. This strategy has helped her build several cohesive, successful teams out of diverse pools of individuals from around the globe.

Kim has over 15 years of experience leading global technology teams and mentoring individuals to become their most empowered and confident selves. Most of her career has been focused in the Technology and Finance sectors of Fortune 100 companies. She cares deeply about people and helping them find their own unique path to create joy and fulfillment in their work.

Kim received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business -Managerial Economics From Carnegie Mellon University.